Anto Jelavic

Anto’s journey began in 2012 back home in Croatia when he started triathlon training with athletes all over the world. He has always been passionate about sports and has a love of nature. While he participated in many competitions, he realized how crucial it was to maintain a healthy body function with massage treatments. Anto graduated as a Registered Massage Therapist in 2017 from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. His continuous education led him to Meridian massage and acupressure in 2017 as well as Evidence-Informed Clinical Cupping in 2018. He specializes in sports injury, deep tissue, and relaxation massage. Each treatment will be personalized and will draw from a variety of areas of his education and training. Anto’s intention for each treatment is to provide his clients with a holistic treatment – working with your body’s innate ability to heal itself.