Dr. Jess Fong

Born and raised in Calgary, Dr. Jess Fong obtained his Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. During his time there, he became a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer and was fortunate to work with cancer patients and survivors, multiple sclerosis patients, heart and stroke patients as well as patients suffering from mental and physical disabilities. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic degree graduating with Cum Laude honours from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. During his clinical education, Dr. Jess was able to treat a variety of patients from a non-profit organization including those without homes, members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as people recovering from addiction. Working with these populations expanded his clinical expertise and ability to provide inclusive support to all of his patients. Dr. Jess has a passion for assessing and treating physical dysfunction and improving overall pain management. He believes that he can achieve these goals with manual therapies, rehabilitation exercises, and patient education. When not in the clinic, you can find Dr. Jess snowboarding at Lake Louise, hiking in the Rockies, and playing ultimate around the city.