Elvie Joy

My name is Elvie Joy Andal, raised and born in the heart of the Filipinos – Philippines! I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Over the course of my career, I learned that exceeding customer expectation was the key to 100% customer satisfaction. Continuing education and increasing my knowledge, led me to a medical field where being part of the health care industry became my life-long goal. I have a 2200 hour massage therapy education at NIWE Academy and am an active member of NHPC. I decided to become a massage therapist because I love to help people suffering, especially from chronic pain. I believe that HEALTH IS WEALTH which gives the real peace and happiness in life. I can offer relaxation and therapeutic massage depending on the clients pain tolerance level. My greatest motivation and inspiration is my family. They are the one who keeps me going towards reaching all my aspirations.