Jade Couch

Jade is a young hard working massage therapist (RMT) who graduated from Makami College with a 3000 hour diploma. Helping people is her passion in its own and loves sharing her knowledge with others so they understand what muscles may be affected and applicable stretching and strengthening exercises to any given area. As a certified RMT her passion is for her clients to have a pain free life with full range of motion through treatments such as Swedish, mindful meditation, deep tissue, prenatal, dynamic cupping, hot stone, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and Cancer care massage. Jade has 3 years of clinical experience working alongside physiotherapists and chiropractors to help rehabilitate motor vehicle accident patients and sports related injuries. She then decided to pursue her dream to work and travel on a cruise ship, with her new found knowledge from overseas Jade now knows basic Reiki methods and can confidently perform Cancer care treatments, deep fluid relaxation and Swedish massage techniques. Back at home in Calgary she has decided to keep working within the spa environment in order to help others with their relaxation and therapeutic needs.